Making a memorial or honor gift to Animal Cancer Foundation is a wonderful way to commemorate your loved ones that have been affected by cancer.  Your gift supports comparative oncology research that brings HOPE for a cure for pets and people.

For a minimum donation of $100, ACF will post your pet’s photo (in a JPG format) and your personalized dedication.

Animal Cancer Foundation

In Memory of Leo and Dallas

Both Goldens and both therapy dogs, Leo died at 10 1/2 years of age within three days of diagnosis of bone cancer.  Dallas died at 9 years old of Hemangiosarcoma.  He lived eight more months after diagnosis, going through five rounds of chemotherapy with a clear scan after treatment.  Unfortunately, four months after treatment, the cancer spread to his lungs.

Miss and Love You Both So MUCH...MOMMA and Daddy

Animal Cancer Foundation

In Memory of Connor Davis

Connor was diagnosed with advanced renal lymphoma less than two weeks ago.  In that time, his condition deteriorated rapidly.  He wasn't a candidate for chemotherapy because although he was a sweet and loving cat at home, he was very reactive at the vet's office and required sedation for pretty much anything.

Miss you, Conny.

Love, Mommy

Animal Cancer Foundation

In Memory of Tanner Colera

Tanner, a Karst Shepherd and my best friend.

Till we meet again.

Love always, from Tony and Priscilla

Animal Cancer Foundation

In Memory of Lucas Klein

Lucas, aka Mr. Brown, was the beloved pet of my dear friends Chuck Bell and Eric Klein.  Eric rescued Lucas 11 years ago at an adoption event and he has been an integral part of their family ever since.  On the eve of Valentine's Day, Chuck and Eric lost their sweet Lucas to liver cancer.  Our thoughts are with them during this difficult time.



Animal Cancer Foundation

In Memory of Millie Vaughan

Millie lost her brave battle with osteosarcoma.  She was very loved and will be greatly missed by all, especially her parents Krystal and Mike.

Brian and Domingo

Animal Cancer Foundation

In Memory of Savannah Mae Kemp

Savvy was a light and joy to her mom and all who knew her.  She will be greatly missed.  We love and miss you, Savvy!

Leslie, Andrew, Alexandra, Zoey and Charlie