Making a memorial or honor gift to Animal Cancer Foundation is a wonderful way to commemorate your loved ones that have been affected by cancer.  Your gift supports comparative oncology research that brings HOPE for a cure for pets and people.

For a minimum donation of $100, ACF will post your pet’s photo (in a JPG format) and your personalized dedication.

Animal Cancer Foundation

In Memory of Chance Iwata

With love, Nancy 

Animal Cancer Foundation

In Memory of Hondo Periatt

Hondo, German Shepherd, born in Germany on April 20, 2007.  He came to the United States and joined the St. Clair Shores Police on June 17, 2008.

His handler was Officer Christophor Periatt.  Hondo enjoyed working and was certified in several areas.  He was trained to search for lost and/or missing children or adults.  He could detect the odor of illegal drugs.  Hondo could track criminals and identify evidence he found at crime scenes. He could also protect his handler and physically apprehend criminals when necessary.  Hondo served his community admirably.

Hondo was a treasured member of the Periatt family.  He bonded with Officer Chris, his wife Toni, son Collin, his Grammy Shirley, and his two Yorkie brothers.

Hondo died suddenly of cancer on July 11, 2016.  He was buried with full honor guard from the St. Clair Shores canine unit members.

On the one year anniversary of his passing over Rainbow Bridge, Hondo will be remembered on July 11, 2017 at 9:45 p.m with a tribute of Asian lanterns adorned with messages of love sent flying skyward over the pond he loved so much.

He will be eternally missed.

With love,


Animal Cancer Foundation

In Memory of Avery

Our 6-year-old Golden Retriever boy who passed away only 2 weeks after showing symptoms of his canine cancer. He was the nicest, sweetest, loving dog not only to his family, but also to others all around him- people and dogs alike.

Eric Hunter

Animal Cancer Foundation

In Memory of Tony

Our grand-kitty, who kept Sparky on his toes and all of us amused. He guarded the hallway well and reigned over the basement from his kitty perch. He's gone too soon, and we're left with a kitty-sized hole in our hearts.

Kathy Flake

Animal Cancer Foundation

In Memory of Russert Ash

Russert was the sweetest, most loving creature who we lost to Hemangiosarcoma before he turned 9.  Russ' favorite pastimes were hiking off leash, eating freshly baked bread, and everything else!, and being climbed on by three little boys.  He loved love.  We miss lying on and with him.  Our hearts hurt.  Love you, buddy.

Animal Cancer Foundation

In Memory of Sophie Lynch

We are so lucky to have had Sophie in our family for six years.  She brought us nothing but joy & happiness and will always be in our hearts.

Mike and Susie