Making a memorial or honor gift to Animal Cancer Foundation is a wonderful way to commemorate your loved ones that have been affected by cancer.  Your gift supports comparative oncology research that brings HOPE for a cure for pets and people.

For a minimum donation of $100, ACF will post your pet’s photo (in a JPG format) and your personalized dedication.

Animal Cancer Foundation

In Memory of Riley W

We make this donation in honor of our very own Supergirl, Riley.  We will miss you so much.

Love, Schooner, Nelson and Poppy


Animal Cancer Foundation

In Memory of Makeena Earl

Makeena was adopted by the best Dog Mom in the world.  She was loved by and loved everyone she met.  She will be greatly missed.

Animal Cancer Foundation

In Memory of Annie Markegard

Annie was a shelter cat we brought home in May 2012.  Her hair was matted and she looked like a little Ewok from the Star Wars movie.  We got her cleaned up and she was a beautiful and sweet companion.  Months later she was diagnosed with lymphoma.  She responded well to chemotherapy for a period of time.  Sadly, it wasn't meant to last.  Brief but love filled time.

We miss you so much.

Keith and Peggy

Animal Cancer Foundation

In Memory of Pancake

Ten years wasn't long enough, and you went through so much in the last two of them, but you were still an amazing cat.  Thank you for making our lives so much better by just being you.

All the Lives You Touched & Smiles You Created

Animal Cancer Foundation

In Memory of Coco

Coco was the beloved cat of Anna  and Hector.  Coco fell to cancer on April 7.  Coco was always sweet and often hungry!  She caught an awfully unfair and unlucky break.  She left us much too soon, and the world is a tiny bit colder and meaner without her.  But every single day she lived, she shared her gratitude and spread joy.

I will miss and remember Coco.


Animal Cancer Foundation

In Memory of Bentley Glesner

My Dachshund, Bentley, was my best friend in the world for over fourteen years.  I loved him with all my heart from the day I picked him up in Giebelstadt, Germany in 2003.  He was my constant companion through thick and thin to the day of his passing from cancer in November 2017.  He changed my life, and taught me so much.

Until we meet again.

In loving memory,